How it came to be an essential part of my life…

Growing up in the country made me a bit of a tom-boy but i always remember my Nanny & her many dresses for different occasions. I always admired how elegant she’d look. My mum was quite fashionable & followed trends in fashion & beauty. But it wasn’t until I moved to Auckland that I realized just how much it had an influence on me. I started dressing more ‘girly’ & definitely became attracted to the city trends.

My cousin Netta who is more like a sister to me – I actually call her ‘Sissy’, introduced me to make-up, nails & fashion. She influenced me a lot in that area even whilst growing up as she is a few years older than me, has always lived in Auckland & I would spend many holidays with her & her mum & dad. So, it was natural to live with them when I arrived there.

She also saw the ad in the paper advertising Make-Up courses & thought I would really enjoy it considering my artistic abilities. It was then that it all began.

Once I graduated, I received a scholarship to do the B&W Photography course, which I did & graduated. A Year had passed & I had really enjoyed all that I’d learnt, people I’d met, friends I’d made, experience’s I had & I was ready to find employment. Wasn’t as easy as I thought, needless to say I hadn’t even turned 18!

A few years passed, I turned 18, id worked all over Auckland doing different things. I finally wound up in a Photo Printing store in the City Centre when an opportunity approached me in the Nail Industry. I had been getting my ‘nails done’ on a regular basis since I moved to Auckland as a treat to myself & a common interest with my Sissy. We’d catch up, gossip, do girly stuff – it was cool!

My Nail Technician at the time was being promoted ‘manager’ of the salon she worked in. She would be needing to replace her position & wondered if id be interested in doing some training. I’d known her for a few years by this stage. We’d become good friends & she knew how much I was searching for my own ‘niche’ as well as my artistic interests.

I didn’t hesitate. Quit my job at the Photo shop, did a month of training through Creative Nails Ltd to receive my certificate as a qualified Nail Technician. I was then in the chair, ready to go. It came quite naturally to me as its much like painting & drawing – similar kind of tools & equipment, technical skills & design.

I’ve now been in the industry eight years having worked in two up-market salons in Auckland & running my own Mobile Salon Service. I never tire of it as a profession. It’s a fun & sociable occupation & the best part’s artistic & creative. I feel lucky to have found a profession that fits in well with me, being able to wake up & do what i love to do everyday. I gained my Masters Certificate in 2009 & have since found further interest in the Nail Art side of the profession.

Since studying Maori Art & Design, I’m working on doing a series of Maori Art ‘Nail’ Designs, which I plan to exhibit for the first time at my graduate exhibition at the end of the year. With avenues such as, Kapahaka (Maori performing arts), Theatre, Fashion, Body Art, Fancy dress etc… I feel that there is a real opportunity for a ‘niche’ market.I’ll be blogging all about my process & progress.

Beauty – it’s on the inside & out. It is essential to our self-esteem, our appearance, our out-put to the world. Not in a shallow way, more like seeing beauty for what it is to you, in making you a better & confident individual.

Ka kite ano,

Terangi xx


~ by Terangi Roimata Kutia-Tataurangi on April 21, 2012.

One Response to “How it came to be an essential part of my life…”

  1. Wow T!
    I recognise those nails in your palm!
    You are so clever and it’s a real inspiration reading your posts and feeling your passion in your words!
    Keep it up babe! It’s people like you that show with a little hard work and loads of self belief, we can have it all….and enjoy it!!!

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