I’m back!!

Wow, its been so long this i’ve up-dated my blog! It’s been weighing on my mind so i’m pleased to be finally sitting down in front of my lap top ready to go : )


So much has happened since i last blogged which was in the process leading up to my graduate exhibition last year & what a thrill it was to cross that milestone! Three years of dedication & hard work all payed off with that one night.

I had two other exhibitions that finished off my year  – ‘Ora’ at the Tairawhiti Museum which is a collaboration of Toihoukura students & one they have every year to promote the school & it’s emerging artists. The other was at Kura gallery in Auckland which is another yearly exhibition that collaborates all of the graduate students with an opportunity to experience  & be apart of a dealer gallery.

Amongst the chaos which was Oct,Nov,Dec 2012, i entered the Cult Couture Fashion Event which was staged in Auckland along with a group of students from Toihoukura & a Variety Concert here in Gisborne targeting Age Concern. Both awesome opportunities to expand my creativeness : )

Christmas holidays arrived as did the New Year & it was so nice to have some much needed down-time to spend with my family & friends. It was such a beautiful summer & 2013 has really kicked off with a bang.

I became self employed as of the 1st February 2013, opening my own Nail Studio here in Gisborne under my official creative brand ‘Ariaaariki’. The highlight of my brand is an art form i’ve coined ‘Toi Maikuku” – Maori Nail Art. Having been a professional nail technician for 8years & completing my 3year degree in Maori Visual Art & Design, it’s been a while in the making. It’s so exciting to be finally self employed, getting out there, doing what i love, following my passions, inspirations & dreams.

I’m also back at Toihoukura doing a post-grad studio year so i’m dividing my weeks between my business & doing art at Toihoukura. As its a self directed year with no academic commitments, i have the luxury of just mucking in, being around, catching up with everyone & being there to support other students & events – not to mention doing art whenever i like! Love It : D

I had a collaboration exhibition in Wellington early February as well with three good friends of mine. It was a huge success & a real neat experience as my first official public exhibition outside of Toihoukura. I’ve also got loads of projects in the making including two Tukutuku panels for the United Nations building in New York. Mums the word on that project though so ill update about that special one when the time is right.

All in all, it was a hard but rewarding 2012 & has been an exciting, explosive 2013!

I will be slowly working on individual posts about all the events, exhibitions & projects i’ve been involved in since Oct last year, so keep an eye out ; ) I’ll also be posting them to my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ariaaariki – also worth a look!

Yaye! Back in the world of blogging – feels so good : D

Naku Noa,

Terangi xx


~ by Terangi Roimata Kutia-Tataurangi on March 19, 2013.

One Response to “I’m back!!”

  1. Kia ora Te Rangi,

    Awesome 2 read ure korero n hear wat u bn up2.. Look forward2 c n u nd ure mahi round

    Nga Mihi

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